Press Releases & Newspaper Articles

Following are a variety of newspaper articles and press releases written about white sturgeon and other related issues.  

Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative - Articles about the work and history of the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative, and sturgeon in general:

School Curriculum Program Grades 4 to 7Read about the Healthy Watersheds for Sturgeon curriculum level school program.  This program became operational in 2014 and is available free of charge to all elementary schools in SD91:

Release Events Past and Present - Read about our Save Our Sturgeon (SOS) release events where hatchery born sturgeon are released into the wilds of the Nechako River:

Conservation Facility -  The conservation facility for Nechako white sturgeon began its first broodstock program on April 28, 2014. Read about the first year of operations in the news:

Read about the dedication of our Community and Technical working group members towards a Nechako White Sturgeon Conservation Facility.  Our monumental efforts were realized in a public announcement on Wednesday April 10th at 11 am at Riverside Park in Vanderhoof.   

Emergency Sturgeon Release Boat Kit Project - Read about one of our most successful live sturgeon release projects to date.

Spawning Habitat Experiment & Geomorphology Projects - read about placing cleaned and sorted gravel at the only known Nechako white sturgeon spawning grounds.

Lawsuit Filed – on 26 September 2012 Ecojustice and 4 other conservation groups filed a lawsuit challenging the Federal government’s significant delays in finalizing the recovery strategies for four species, including the Nechako white sturgeon. 

Other Nechako white Sturgeon in the News:

News Stories

2014 May 04 - Click this link to watch a CKPG news story on the May Sturgeon Release Event held in Vanderhoof at Riverside Park: Release Event

2014 April 30 - Click this link to watch a CKPG TV new story featuring some of the NWSRI members in action: Broodstock Program

2013 Click this link to view a CKPG News Story on the Recovery Facility:

2012 Click this link to view a CKPG News Story on the Emergency Sturgeon Release Boat Kit Program

2012 Click this link to view CTV news interview with Tribal Chief Terry Teegee on the Nechako River (Oct. 10 2012):

2007 Click for the statement made by then MLA John Rustad in the Legislative building on February 14.

2006, August 24, the white sturgeon populations of the Nechako, Upper Fraser, Kootenay and Columbia were officially designated as endangered under the Federal Species at Risk Act. 




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