Where is My Fish?

Since 2006, thousands of tagged juvenile sturgeon have been released into the Nechako River through the fish culture program, which is one of the recovery initiatives for the endangered Nechako white sturgeon. And during all this time, YOU have been helping us release these young sturgeon into the river and helping in the recovery of this population.

Researchers conduct indexing surveys at various times of the year. Sometimes tagged fish are located within a couple of months of their release, or they may be recaptured years later. Remember, these fish are not always so easy to find - your sturgeon is at the very beginning of a long life and the Nechako watershed is a big place! But if you are patient, you may one day find information on the fish that you helped release into the river.

Did You Know?

Did you know that sturgeon eggs are around 3.5 mm in diameter? And the average size of the 4 month old sturgeon released at the annual Save Our Sturgeon events is 14 cm. That means your fish grew 40x bigger in just 4 months. If you had the same growth rate, at 4 months old you would have measured over 20.4 meters in length (65.6 ft)!


Search for your fish!

When a fish is recaptured, the date and location of the capture is recorded along with measurements of weight and length. If the fish was released during a Juvenile Release Event, their information is added to this database and you will be able to see how much they grew or moved. Sometimes we also find out if a fish has been killed through predation.

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