The Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative is composed of two committees: the Technical Working Group and the Community Working Group.

Technical Working Group

The Recovery Team

The Technical Working Group (formerly called the Recovery Team) was formed in September 2000, and is the technical group, consisting of federal and provincial biologists as well as First Nations and industry experts. Each member has specific qualifications, including a working knowledge of white sturgeon biology, expertise in streamflow management/hydraulic engineering or experience in other animal recovery initiatives. Some members have a regulatory role with regard to the protection of fish and their habitats in the Nechako basin.

This team of scientists is responsible for coming up with the answers to why the white sturgeon is in decline, and then developing an effective plan to help restore the fish to a self-sustaining population. These strategies are based on the best-available science, local and traditional knowledge.

Technical Working Group Members

Trevor Rhodes - Ministry of Forests, Victoria (Chair)

Steve McAdam - Ministry of Land, Water and Resource Stewardship (LWRS)

Nikolaus Gantner - Ministry of Forests, Prince George

Ian Spendlow - Ministry of Forests, Prince George

Trevor Davies - Ministry of Forests, Victoria

Greg Andrusak - Ministry of Forests

Mike Ramsay - Ministry of Forests, Williams Lake

Lee Williston - Ministry of Forests, Williams Lake

Lynn Avis - Ministry of Forests, Caribou Region

Brian Toth - Lheidli T'enneh

Christina Ciesielski - Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

Jeff Beardsall - Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

Mike Manky - NWS Conservation Centre Manager

Sarah Stephenson - LWRS, Nelson

Ahdia Hassan - Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Species At Risk Program

Andy Lecuyer - Rio Tinto

Cory Williamson – Consultant

Cale Babey - UNBC Student, Observer

Graeme Lyon - UNBC Student, Observer

Colin Schwindt - Observer

Ray Pillipow - Ministry of Forests, Observer

Travis Gerwing - Ministry of Forests, Observer

Wayne Salewski - NWSRI CWG Chair, Observer

Troy Nelson - Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society, Observer

Fraser Linza - NWS Conservation Centre, Observer

Angie Coulter - LWRS, Observer

Luc Turcotte - LWSR, Observer


Community Working Group

In April 2001, the Community Working Group (formerly called the Action Planning Group) was assembled.  Composed of about 20 individuals that represent First Nations, non-government environmental organizations, industry, local and regional governments and affected public, it was created to provide input from river stakeholders, and to act first and foremost as a public advocate for Nechako White Sturgeon and the Recovery Initiative.

The CWG provides an opportunity for key groups essential to the success of a recovery plan to become involved in the process.  The group focuses on increasing the public’s awareness and knowledge about the recovery process, as well as the ecological problems facing the Nechako white sturgeon.  It is also concerned with building and maintaining community support for the recovery plan.

Community Working Group Members

Wayne Salewski - Nechako Environment and Water Stewardship Society (NEWSS) (Chair)

Mike Manky - NWS Conservation Centre Manager

Fraser Linza - NWS Conservation Center

Andy Lecuyer - Rio Tinto

Andrea Byrne - City of Prince George

Christina Ciesielski - Carrier Sekani Tribal Council

Cora McIntosh - Saik'uz First Nation

Darren Haskell - Tl'azt'en Nation

Brian Frenkel - District of Vanderhoof 

Troy Nelson - Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society

Nikolaus Gantner - Ministry of Forests

Ian Spendlow - Ministry of Forests

Ray Pillipow - Ministry of Forests

Guy Scharf - Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Kara Varley - Integris Credit Union

Cory Williamson - Consultant

Chad Hellenius - The Exploration Place

Terry Robert - Fraser Basin Council